Saturday, June 12, 2010

Images from "No More Bhopals: An Evening of Protest, Songs, Poetry" in Delhi

This evening a demonstration was held in Jantar Mantar in New Delhi to protest against the recent shameful Court Verdict on the Bhopal Gas tragedy of 1984. 

More than 150,000 people left severely disabled – of whom 22,000 have since died of their injuries – in a disaster now widely acknowledged as the world’s worst-ever industrial disaster.Now after 26 years of untold sufferings and historic fight for justice for the Bhopal tragedy the Court Verdict is : to two years imprisonment and a fine of Rs. one lakh each under section 304(a), ..... and Union Carbide to pay a paltry Rs. 500,000.

Around 300 activist turned up at the demonstration and recited poems, sang song of freedom and justice and shouted slogans.

Few activists also put together an impromptu skit depicting the deplorable nexus between TNCs, Indian big capitalists and the Indian State. Later, a die-in action was also performed in memory of those who died and salute to those who continue to struggle and suffer.

Among others New Socialist Initiative, National Alliance for People's movement, Delhi Solidarity Group were the organization which took part in the demonstration. Prominent civil society activists including Achin Vaniak, Surrendra Mohan, Vrinda Grover, Himanshu Kumar, Swami agnivesh addressed the gathering.

Below are few images from the demonstration:


yagnavalkya said...

Fine.It will be thought provoking if people who live in Delhi can keep the issue burning in differant ways.A continuous programme can shatter the wested interests of the majority which is busy with disgusting entertainment today.

mahinder pal said...

door se takne valo ko ye ye roshni maamuli lag sakti hai ! magar umeed ko hausale ko ek oonchi udaan deti hai ! aur is daur mein aisi tamaam koshishon ki maujoodgi bahut se thekee huon mein nayi taqat bhar sakti hai!is hausale ko salaam !!!

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