Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Second Issue of CRITIQUE Published by NSI Delhi University Chapter is Out!

New Socialist Initiative (NSI)-Delhi University Chapter has come out with the Second issue of "Critique-The Monthly", a magazine which deals with  higher education, universities, left politics, histories of student movements from India and beyond.

Scroll down to see the Contents  and the cover of the Second Issue (Vol-1, Issue-2).

If you are in Delhi, you can get your copies at: U-Special Bookstore, Arts Faculty, Delhi University; Jawahar Book Depot, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU); People's Tree, Connaught Place. Copies are also available on request in Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Guwahati, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Chandigarh and few other cities. Just email at critique.collective@gmail.com for copies.


Editorial: Students Rise to Free Education, Resist Onslaught of Free Market - Critique Collective

Turning The Tide? Students Protest in Britian, November 2010 - Dr. Aditya Sarkar

Cry, Dear Friend, On the Death of a Noble Profession - Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Apolitical Intellectual - Otto Rene Castillo

Another Education is Possible: An Account of the Struggle against Neoliberal Restructuring at the University of Sussex - Ryan Powell

हम बनाम वे : अकादमिक कारखाने में (मंथली रिवुए २००० से साभार ) - माइकेल येटस 

Graphic Story: Irom sharmila 10 Years On ... - Parismita Singh and Amrapali Basumatary

मणिपुर की महान कवयेत्री इरोम शार्मिला और उनका संघर्ष - सुभाष गाताडे

Writing on the Walls of People - Seram Rojesh

Organising Revolutionary dissent: Glimpses into the Praxis of Korean Students Movement under Military Dictatorship - Bonojit Hussain

Unique ID Project: Facility or Calamity? - Prof. Jean Dreze

Value and its Other in Electronic Culture: Slave Ships and Private Galleons - Raqs Media Collective

Eyes On Queering Studies - Diepiriyie Sungumote Kuku-siemons

विश्विधायलय में रिक्शे : इकीसवी सदी के भारत के नए प्रतीक - संजय कुमार

Preface to Draft Manifesto - National Convening Committee, New Socialist Initiative (NSI) 


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