Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Event: Why is Indian State afraid of its Soni Soris?

Custodial Violence, Repression and Subversion of the Rule of Law

 A Discussion with

Himanshu Kumar (Social Activist)

Colin Gonsalves (Sr. Supreme Court Lawyer)

Venue: Activity Centre, Arts Faculty, North Campus, Delhi University. Time: 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm. Date: 29th March, 2012

Soni Sori is a tribal woman and a school teacher who was subjected to sexual violence in the custody of Dantewada Police, under the direction of the Superintendent of Police. Six months later, She is still languishing in a Chattisgarh jail awaiting justice, while her tormentor has just been awarded the President's Police Medal for Gallantry.

Soni Sori is not alone in her agony. Arrests, detentions and violence are increasingly being used by the state to silence activists, to put down mass struggles of the marginalized people for their rights and livelihoods. Irom Sharmila, Dr. Binayak Sen, Koodankulam protests - each is a stark example of mighty State crushing dissent and crinalizing protest through machinery meant to establish the Rule of Law. the discussion will explore how various institutions of Indian Democracy are responding to this assult on core democratic principles in the situation of conflict that exists in many parts of the country.

Organized by: All India Students' Association (AISA), Gender Studies Group, New Socialist Initiative (NSI), Stree Adhikar Sangathan.

"By giving me electric shocks, by stripping me naked, or by brutally assualting me and inserting sticks and stones into my body - will the problem of Naxalism end? Why are there so many atrocities against us women? I want answers from all of you living in this country." - Soni Sori


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