Friday, October 30, 2015

New Issue of Critique Magazine: Challenging Precarity/असुरक्षा के निज़ाम को चुनौती

New Issue of Critique "Challenging Precarity/असुरक्षा के निज़ाम को चुनौती" is out. Critique Magazine, September-December, 2015, Volume: 3 Issue: 3. Pg. 64. Rs. 30 /-. Critique is brought out by Delhi University chapter of New Socialist Initiative. Sharing below the cover of this issue and the content list.


1. Editorial: Challenging Precarity

2. संपादकीय : असुरक्षा के निज़ाम को चुनौती 

3. I am not Meosum (slave); I am Masum, the Worker - Maniruzzaman Masum

4. बेलगाम पूंजी का पहिया - विकास कुमार

5. An Introduction and Invitation to Delhi University Theka Mazdoor Manch - DUTMM

6. Ragpickers of Delhi: Workers of Swachh Bharat - Critique Collective

7. San Quintin and the Anger We Hold - Neo Lopez 

8. Decoding the Labour Law Code in India - Anamitra Roychowdhary

9. मज़दूर कानूनों में सुधार : मर्ज़ बढ़ता ही गया जितनी दवा की - प्रभु महापात्रा [अनुवाद : योगेन्द्र दत्त ]

10. [Photo Essay] Of Hands and Faces - Wazirpur Workers Strike, June 2014 - Ayan Mrinal

11. The Real Estate Greed and Poverty of Imagination in India's Latest State Capital - Critique Collective

12. The Making of a Migrant Workers Movement in Korea - Bonojit Hussain

13. Finance Capital: The New Masters of Today's Social World - Sanjay Kumar

14. Reflections on a Media Internship - Aliza Bakht

15. Cities of Sleep: A Conversation with Shaunak Sen - Malay Firoz

16. हेडगेवार - गोवलकर बनाम अम्बेडकर - सुभाष गताड़े 

17. कला स्वतंत्रता और प्रतिरोध : FTII संघर्ष की ओर - शुभम 

18. 'Bure' Students in the times of 'Achhe Din' - Shardul Bhardwaj and Ketaki Prabhu

19. Silencing the Scholarship: A Tribute to Prof. M.M Kalburgi - M.K Madhavi

20. Basavanna the Bhandari (Treasurer) - Prof. M.M Kalburgi [Translator: Sudheer]

21. हिंदी , हिन्दू , हिंदुस्तान - जावेद अनीस 

22. एक लपकता हुआ शोला, इक चलती हुई तलवार - रूपाली सिन्हा 

23. The Rojava Revolution, Democratic Autonomy, and the (Re)Institution of Fragmented Sovereignty in Kurdistan - Hanifi Baris

24. Does the State have the Right to Kill? - Radhika Chitkara and Megha Bahl

25. The Crisis of Left Solidarity in EU, Austerity and the 'Greece Problem' - Jakob Graf

26. The 'Refugee/Migrant' Crisis in Europe: Time for an "Instability Tax"? - I. Almond

27. On the Farcical Implementation of the CGPA Grading System in Delhi University - Saumyajit Bhattacharya

28. एक गौभक्त से भेंट - हरिशंकर परसाई


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