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The Coconut Terrorists: Javed-Ishrat Encounter Case

- Mukul Sinha 

Editor's Note: Below are updates on Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case by Mukul Sinha, eminent lawyer and civil rights activist from Gujarat. If you are on facebook you can follow the "Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter Case Evidence Series" here. If you are on Twitter you can follow the latest from him here.  

13th July: The ACP Shri Parixita Gurjar was called early in the morning on 15th June 2004 and appointed as the investigating officer of the encounter carried out by the police men of the crime branch. It may be mentioned that Parixita Gurjar was also working with the crime branch. She immediately drew up a list of articles which were found in the scene of crime which are as follows: 

One AK 56 rifle, Three magazines, Two 9 mm pistols of Foreign make, 9 mm magazine No. 2, AK-56 cartridges No. 171, Pistol cartridges No. 6, Satellite Mobile, Mobile Phone Nos 2, Cash amounting to Rs 2,06,000, Iraq currency Dinar - 25, Oman currency Bhaisa-300, Explosive powder approximately about 17 kgs, dry coconuts - 30 nos, time piece watches - 3 nos, telephone diary and account diary.

Of these articles, the ones which have the potential of causing serious physical hurt are the AK-56 rifle and its magazines, 9 mm pistols and its ammunition, the explosive powder and the 30 dry coconuts when thrown real hard.

Now lets look at some statements and evidences to find out how many of these really belonged to the deceased who had come allegedly to kill Modi.

Relevant Extract from Police Inspector BA Patel's statement (RC BS1/S/2011/0005-CBI, SCB, Mumbai)

"On 14.06.2004 morning, I had left Arham Farm to meet Shri Singhal for some work. Shri Singhal had asked me to come to him to the SIB office, bungalow no. 31, Shahibaug. We had reached there around 10:00 AM. Shri Rajinder Kumar had met Shri Singhal there in his office and he had handed over a AK 56 rifle, ammunition, magazines, two pistols and its ammunition to Shri Singhal in a bag"

So all the guns and its ammunition were planted by the police and hence could not have belonged to the four 'terrorists' who were killed. Hence we are left with the 17 kg of explosives and 30 dry coconuts. Lets hear what DFS Gandhinagar has to say about the 17 kgs of deadly explosives.

Here's an extract from the FIR (bearing no. DCB PS I CR No. 8 of 2004) filed by the SIT team that was constituted by the High Court of Gujarat.

Para 8.5: "A gunny bag containing 17 kg of yellow powder was seized from the Indica car. It was analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively by the DFS (Directorate of Forensic Science), Gandhinagar and the Deputy Chief Controller of Explosives, Vadodra and it was subsequently opined that the subject chemical mixture is not an explosive mixture"

So as per the opinion of DFS Gandhinagar, the 17 kg deadly explosives was nothing but harmless yellow powder.

Now we are left with just 30 dry coconuts. So the dreaded LET terrorists came armed with 30 dry coconuts to liquidate the Chief Minister of the State. It should be noted that these weapons of mass (modi) destruction were sourced from Javed's father, Mr Gopinath Pillai's backyard, gifted to his grandchildren, i.e. Javed's three children.


Police Confesses to the Javed-Ishrat Encounter

13th July: Never before have so many police men in uniform confessed before the Magistrate and recorded their statements under section 164 of CrPC (Criminal Procedure Code) admitting to be witnesses to an 'encounter' and at the same time being the participants of the encounter albeit under the orders of their superiors.

In an investigation, the most credible and admissible evidence that can be collected by the investigating agency during the course of investigation are statements made by persons before the Magistrate under the section 164 of CrPC. The Magistrate has to certify that the statements have been made voluntarily without any form of coercion and any retraction from such a statement is itself an offence. Thus statements under 164 are treated as documentary evidence even in the trial of the case and can even lead to convictions.

The CBI assisted by Shri Satish Verma has achieved virtually the unthinkable. Along with the charge sheet in the Javed-Ishrat case, they have been able to produce scores of such 164 statements amongst which there are 9 CrPC 164 statements of the police men who admit to have witnessed the encounter.

Extract of the statement of Shri IK Chauhan, Police Inspector, who recorded it on 4th June 2013 before the Magistrate as under (English translations at the end of the post):

“Uske baad maine ek nile colour ke indica car M4-02-JA-4786 road ke divider ke paas khadi dekhi. Us gadi ke paas police constable Mohammed Safi hazir the. Tab constable Safi ko maine puchne ke baad, usne bataya ki woh Indica car usne drive karke layi hai. Us waqt Shri NK Amin, Shri JG Parmar aur Commando Police Constable Shri Mohan Nanji Menat wahan hazir the. Tab Shri Amin ki gadi Indica car ke piche road ke left ki taraf khadi thi. Uske baad ek safed colour ki SUV jaisi gadi wahaan aayi aur woh road ke baju mein khadi rahi. Tab maine dekha ki Police Constable Moti Talaja Desai ne ek aadmi ko us gadi se laya tha. Woh aadmi bees din pehle Gota Circle par pakda hua hi aadmi tha. Tab mujhe laga kiya haan kuch galat hone wala hai.

Uske baad ACP Shri NK Amin aur mere varisht Shri Tarun Barot ne wahaan laye gaye aadmi par aur uske paas road divider se left khadi lagat khadi hui Indica car par firing karna shuru kiya. Us waqt Commando Mohan Lala Kalasawa ne bhi uske hathiyar se Indica car aur aadmi par firing kiya. Tab yeh sab dekh kar mein upset ho kar Kotarpur water works ke turning ke taraf khade hue Nizamuddin, Mohan Nanji aur Moti Talaja, inke paas jaa kar khada ho gaya........”

Nizammudin Saiyed, the then ASI recorded his statement on 5th June 2013 before the Magistrate and the relevant extract reads as under (English translations at the end of the post):

“Baadme Amin ne aankh par patti bandhe hui aadmi par road divider ke paas indica car ke piche khada kiya....Tab achanak Amin Saheb ke Maruti Gypsy se Indica ki taraf firing karne ka aawaz aaya.....Uske baad Shri NK Amin ke soochana ke anoosar humne Indica car ke paas jaake dekha. Tab maine Khodiyar farm mein rakhe hue javaan ladka aur ladki ko nile colour ke Indica car mein driver seat aur uske baju wale passenger seat par mara padad ekha. Is gadi ke piche wali seat par ek aadmi mara pada hua tha. Aur indica car ke piche road divider ke paas Moti Talja aankh par patti laga kar lagaye hue aadmi ko bhi mara pada dekha...”

Shri Mohan Nanji Bhai Menat, Police Armed Heat Constable, recorded his statement on 6thJune 2013 before the Magistrate and the relevant extract reads as under(English translations at the end of the post):

“Uske baad achanak Tata Indica car aur aankho pe patti bandhe aadmi ke aas paas khade hue adhikariyo ne Indica car par aur us aadmi par firing karna shuru kar diya....”

These are not the only three chilling admissions. Head Constable Moti Talja Desai, PI CJ Goswami, PI BA Chavda, PI KS Desai, DySP DH Goswami and PI RI Patel have all recorded their statements recounting the same chilling accounts of the brutal cold blooded killings of the four persons between 4:30-5:00 a.m on 15th June 2004. These eye witness accounts of police in uniform, swearing before the Magistrate are the sordid accounts of their superior officers killing the blindfolded,helpless men and a 19 year old girl reads like the stories of killings by Gestapo of the Hitler's era.

Those of the right winger intellectuals who are still supporting such brutality should be recognized for the danger they pose to the Indian democracy. However most importantly,all the perpetrators and conspirators of these killings must be booked and given the ultimate punishment permitted by the law of this land.

The police personnel who have confessed to the encounter have also confessed about the heinous conspiracy and the conspirators. Those accounts will follow soon.
English translation of the above three admissions:

1) IK Chauhan

“Thereafter I saw a blue coloured Indica car no MH-02-JA-4768 standing near the road divider. Police Constable Mohammed Safi was standing near that car. On asking, constable Safi had then told me that he had driven the Indica car to that spot. At that time, Shri NK Amin, Shri JG Parmar and Command PC Mohan Nanji Menon were present there. At that time the car of Shri Amin was parked behind the Indica car to the left of the road. After that a while coloured SUV type of a car came there and halted next to the road. Then I had seen that Police Constable Moti Talaja Desai had brought a person in that car. That man was the same man who was caught near the Gota circle about 20 days ago. Then I felt that something wrong was about to happen.

Thereafter SP Shri NK Amin and my superior Shri Tarun Barot started firing on the Indica car which was standing near the road divider and the person who was brought there.At that time, Command Mohan Lala Kasawa also opened fire at the Indica car and that person. After seeing all this, I became upset and walked away towards the turning of the Kotarpur Works and went and stood with Nizammuddin, Mohan Nanji and Moti Talaja who were standing there....”

2) Nizamuddin Saiyad

“Thereafter Shri Amin made the blindfolded person stand behind the Indica car near the road divider.....Then suddenly the sound of the firing came from the Maruti Gypsy of Shri Amin towards the Indica car....Thereafter according to the instructions of Shri NK Amin, I had a closer look of the Indica car. Then I saw the young boy and the girl who had been kept in the Khodiyar Farm lying dead in the driver's seat and the passenger seat next to it in the blue coloured Indica. Another person was lying dead in the back seat of the same car. The person who had been blindfolded and brought by Moti Talaja was also lying dead near the road divider behind the Indica car...”

3) Mohan Nanji Bhai Menat

“After that suddenly the police officers who were standing around the Tata Indica car and the blindfolded person started firing upon the Tata Indica car and that person...”


Annexure 155 - The Knight checkmates the King Rajinder

11th July: Please read the following extract from Annexure 155 of the CBI charge sheet. It is a statement by Shri BA Patel, the then PI of Crime Branch, a very close associate of SP GL Singhal who was a witness to the entire conspiracy in its whole.

"On 09.06.2004, I was with Shri Singhal and at around 10:15 p.m, Shri Singhal had received a message from Shri DG Vanzara to speak to him on phone. When Shri Singhal had called him, Shri Vanzara had instructed him to meet Shri Rajinder Kumar, JD IB, Ahmedabad at his residence, A2 Samarpan Flats, Ahmedabad. Accordingly, we both had reached there. We were told by the JD, SIB that Javed @ Pranesh Pillai, who was under watch by the IB for his associations and activities awith Amjad Ali, was coming to Ahmedabad along with a girl. The JD said that these persons would come in an Indica car, gave its number and colour (blue), and directed to pick up both person before they reached Ahmedabad. Shri Singhal thought that the idea of picking up the girl was bad: first, the girl was not needed for operational purposes, and it could also lead to complications. Therefore, Shri Singhal had opined that we should allow them to reach Ahmedabad, and then wait for an opportunity to take the boy alone....."

The above statement which amounts to a clear admission in law and unambiguously suggests that 6 days before Javed and Ishrat were killed, Rajinder Kumar had full knowledge about Javed and Ishrat, there relation with Amjad Ali and the fact that both were coming to Ahmedabad. Nay more! Rajinder Kumar also told that Singhal and BA Patel that Javed was already under watch by the IB even before. 

How did Rajinder Kumar know Javed and about his impending visit to Ahmedabad with Ishrat? The answer lies in the calls made from a phone booth in Gandhinagar on 6th June to Javed ordering him to come to Ahmedabad with Ishrat.

11:14 p.m. June 6th – Phone call to Rajinder Kumar from Gandhinagar Phone Booth
11:18 p.m. June 6th – Phone call to Javed from Gandhinagar Phone Booth
11:28 p.m. June 6th – Phone call to Rajinder Kumar from Gandhinagar Phone Booth

It is evident that it was under the instruction of Mr Rajinder Kumar himself that Javed drove to Ahmedabad and it is also obvious from the statement of BA Patel that after asking Javed and Ishrat to come over to Ahmedabad, Rajinder Kumar was actually instructing Singhal and BA Patel to abduct them. But as Singhal had reservations about abducting Ishrat, the task was passed onto NK Amin and TA Barot who left for Vasad on 10th morning and waited for Javed and Ishrat till 12th noon.

As Rajinder Kumar had pointed out, that Javed and Ishrat were already under the surveillance of IB and that they were being followed from Nasik since 11th noon and were trapped at Vasad by Amin, Barot and the SIB.

Yesterday when we posted our story titled "Untying the Gordian Knot -", we did not have the statement of BA Patel, but now that we have it, this statement supports our analysis in all its details. BA Patel's statement is an admission of the fact that neither Javed or Ishrat were terrorists but knew Amjad Ali, introduced to each other by IB at Ibrahimpur UP. 

Therefore they had to die as per the scheme of Rajinder Kumar, the Joint Director SIB.

CBI Charge Sheet in Ishrat Jahan case

8th July: This is the operative part of the charge sheet that CBI filed before the Special CBI Court in Ahmedabad. It details the entire conspiracy as revealed till now. CBI has stated that it will file a supplementary charge sheet based on its further investigation about the role of IB and others in about a month's time.

Here are the highlights of this charge sheet:

Rajinder Kumar and GL Singhal assisted in managing the illegal custody of Jishan Johar in the last week of April.

Jishar Johar was confined at house no. 164/165 in Gota Housing, near Vaishno Devi Crossing, Off SG Highway, Ahmedabad.

Jishan Johar was put under audio-tap by Rajeev Wankhede, M.K. Sinha & T. Mittal, all SIB (Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau) officers.

On 26.05.2004, N.K. Amin, Tarun Barot and I.K. Chauhan with assistance of M.K. Sinha and Rajeev Wankhede abducted Amjadali from Gota Crossing on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.

Amjadali was confined at Arham Farm House. (Sohrabuddin and his wife Kausarbi were also confined here in November 2005 before being killed separately).

On 12.06.2004, N.K Amin and Taru Barot with assistance of M.K. Sinha and Rajeev Wankhede abducted Javed and Ishrat Jahan from Vasad Toll Booth, District Anand, Gujarat along with their Blue Indica Car. (We have a strong suspicion that they were actually in soft custody since the morning of 11.06.2004).

Ishrat and Javed were confined in Khodiyar Farm, Off SG Highway, Ahmedabad.

Rajinder Kumar, DG Vanzara, PP Pandey and Dr NK Amin had met Javed and Ishrat during their illegal custody.

On 13.06.2004 evening, DG Vanzara, PP Pandey and Rajinder Kumar had discussed in the Bungalow No. 15 Duffnala, Shahibaug in Vanzara's office about the further plan about elimination of the four detaineees.

On 14.06.2004, GL Singhal had gone to the office of SIB as per instructions of DG Vanzara to collect weapons.

On 14.06.2004 afternoon at around 1500 Hrs, GL Singhal was called by DG Vanzara at Bungalow No. 15, Shahibaug where DH Goswami was also present. Vanzara had already drafted a complaint.

On 14.06.2004, at 2300 Hrs, DG Vanzara had convened a meeting at Bungalow No. 15 with the accused officers and briefed them about the plan according to the draft complaint.

On 15.06.2004 at 0400 Hrs, Javed, Jishan Johar and Ishrat Jahan were brought from Khodiyar Farm house to the scene of the crime i.e. Kotarpur Water Works by the Blue Indica Car. Javed was shifted to driver's seat from the rear seat. 

B.A. Patel along with Motibhai Taljabhai drove Amjadali to the Scene of Crime and was made to stand behind the road divider at the rear side of the parked Indica Car.

Immediately after the arrival of all the four detainees, N.K Amin, Tarun A Barot, J.G. Parmar, Mohanbhai Lalabhai Kalaswa, Anaju Jhiman Chaudhary opened fire on the detainees in the car and on the road divider from there official weapons resulting into the death of all four detainees.

Commando Mohan Kalasawa was made to fire several rounds from AK56 Rifle on the official Gypsy Vehicle of Dr NK Amin.

This AK-56 rifle was placed near the dead body of Amjadali.

The entire text of the operative charge sheet is reproduced here.

Sarkar kehti hai Pandey Ji bhaage nahin, to kya sarkar ne chutti di hai?

2nd July: A couple of days back, in the post titled “PP Pandey Ji kyon bhaag rahe hai? -”, we tried to show the relevant evidence which forced Mr. PP Pandey to run for the love of his life.

He was running away from an arrest warrant which was issued against him on May 2nd, 2013. So now its been a full 2 months since the ADGP, 2nd in command in the state is missing from his office and the the Government hasn’t taken any action. Kya Sarkar ne unhe chutti be bhej diya hai? In Police Force, every police man has to give his address where he will be found during his absence, so why doesn't the government disclose his address?

During the last 2 months, Mr PP Pandey who has now been declared as a proclaimed absconder, has tried his level best to get this arrest warrant quashed, first unsucessfully before the Supreme Court and now the Gujarat High Court. 

What is really interesting is Mr PP Pandey's petition itself before the Gujarat High Court and his contentions.

Quoting from Criminal Misc. Application No. 9914 of 2013:

Para 2: “The applicant is Addl. DGP in Ahmedabad Police and was serving as Joint Commissioner of Police in 2004. On or around 1.6.2004, Sh. K.R. Kaushik, Commissioner of Police received information from intelligence that two Pakistani Fidayeens have proceeded to Ahmedabad from J&K for killing Chief Minister Narendra Modi. On 14.06.2004 he (Mr PP Pandey) received further information from the intelligence that the Fidayeens are expected to reach Ahmedabad on 15.6.2004 from Mumbai”

I wonder why was the chain of command broken on 14.06.2004, why was it that Mr Kaushik was not the recipient of the said intelligence input. Anyway it proves without a shred of doubt that Mr PP Pandey was in direct contact with the said IB officer who was providing the intelligence.

He further states:

Para 9(III): “Assuming the contents of the (SIT) FIR to be true then also the only allegation levelled against the applicant is that he was privy to certain confidential information in terms of an assassination attempt to be made by Pakistani terrorist on Shri Narendra Modi. As per the contents of the FIR the applicant passed on such information to his subordinates and nothing more.

So basically what he is trying to say is that:

“Look here guys and gals, ‘someone’ gave me this intelligence input. My job was to pass on that information to my colleagues and that is precisely what I did. I had no clue about the ‘intentions’ or ‘connections’ of this ‘someone’ or the murderous tendencies of my colleagues. So please please please, let me go scott free, I have done nothing wrong. Even if this intelligence input is faulty, I’m not the real culprit, go catch that ‘someone’”

Well Sir, if that's all you had done then probably you did nothing wrong in the eyes of the law. But unfortunately for you, you had some ‘guests’ like Ishrat, Javed and two others spread over various farm houses across Ahmedabad and you did not treat them very well. As a result the Gujarat High Court was none too impressed by your conduct, and has unfortunately asked you to cut short your vacation.

Gujarat High Court in its judgement on July 1st 2013 has declined to entertain the application by Mr. PP Pandey for the quashing of his arrest proposal on the grounds that he’s a proclaimed absconder. Furthermore they made the observations that by a plain reading of the FIR, it is evident that Mr. PP Pandey was responsible for the illegal custody of the people who were killed later in an encounter.

PP Pandey Ji ab ghar aa jaiye, hamein bhi aapki khatirdari karne ka mauka dijiye. We assure you that this certain ‘someone’ who has spoiled your vacation will be hunted down and prosecuted.

Cold Blooded Murderers

1st July: Mr. GL Singhal, Mr. NK Amin and Mr. Tarun Barot have the reputation of being sharp shooters in the Gujarat Police Cadre. Not sure how much sharp shooting is required when you trap people inside a car and riddle their bodies with bullets at a point blank range. 

But wait, wasn't it supposed to be an encounter with the police taking cover behind their vehicles and bushes to escape from the onslaught of bullets from the ‘terrorists’ - filmi style?

Here's an extract from the FIR (bearing no. DCB PS I CR No. 8 of 2004) filed by the SIT team that was constituted by the High Court of Gujarat. 

“According to the Police FIR version undersigned by Mr Singhal himself, Shri Singhal’s team and Shri Amin’s team were at 66 feet and 33 feet respectively from the Indica car. Shri Singhal’s team (66 feet away) was positioned in depressed land and Shri Amin’s team (33 feet away) had taken lying position behind the Maruti Gypsy. If at all, the bulk of police firing was from these positions, the firing trajectories from such positions on the Indica car would have an upward angle. However there is only one entry hole in the Indica car with an upward trajectory and that bullet could not have hit any of the occupants.” 

Further more: “All other bullet entry holes on the Indica car show downwardly inclined trajectories at 5 to 10 degrees downward angle, which are possible only from a position much near the Indica car.”

Please observe in the attached image that there are hardly any entry bullets marks on the left side door of the car, but the right side door is riddled with exit bullet marks going downwards. That clearly shows that the angle of the bullets had a downward angle and were fired through the car windows. In other words, the so called sharp shooters of Gujarat Police mercilessly shot down the occupants of the car from a point blank range. In all, more than 70 rounds of ammunition from various firearms were pumped into the car.

The entire operation was organized by Mr. DG Vanzara. There are no second guesses as to which certain minister Mr. DG Vanzara was close to. No wonder he was known as the ‘supercop’ of Gujarat.

This unfortunately is the grim reality. If not for officers like Mr Rajnish Rai the perpetrators of these dastardly crimes would not have been behind the bars today. It is only because of his work in the most adverse conditions that today we haven’t had a SINGLE ‘encounter’ in Gujarat since the time Mr DG Vanzara was arrested by Mr Rajnish Rai on April 24, 2007. 13 people encountered in 2002-2007, ZERO encounters in 2007-2013. All of us are forever indebted to officers like Rajnish Rai.

With the ‘supercop’ gone, Gujarat has ceased to be the favorite ‘destination’ of terrorists.

PP Pandey Ji kyon bhaag rahe hai? 

30th June: It is not very often that the Additional Director General of Police, 2nd in command in a state is declared an absconder by the court. Well the ADGP of Modi Government, Mr PP Pandey has been. He’s been missing in action for over a month now since he got the whiff of his arrest proposal.

Just like the now celebrated IB officer Rajinder Kumar who is allegedly involved in deliberately providing wrong intelligence inputs and being part of the conspiracy of the fake encounter, Mr Pandey was also in the business of ‘inputs’.

Quoting from the FIR filed by Gujarat Police: ‘In due course around 23:00 hours on 14.6.2004, the Jt. C.P. Shri P.P Pandey received intelligence from confidential source that above mention Javed and two Pakistani fidayeens armed with weapons and explosives, have proceeded towards Ahmedabad from Mumbai in blue Indica car No. M.H. 02 - JA 4786’

We have already seen in previous posts, what kind of uber-modern explosives and firearms the alleged ‘terrorists’ carry! Lets see how well does Gujarat Police does with intelligence inputs.

Here's an extract from the FIR (bearing no. DCB PS I CR No. 8 of 2004) filed by the SIT team that was constituted by the High Court of Gujarat. 

Para 6: There are oral and circumstantial evidence that the deceased Amjad Ali, was kept in illegal confinement at Arham farm near Koba Circle (on the outskirts of Ahmedabad City) prior to the purported encounter (Note: Sohrabuddin and Kausarbi were also kept in this same Arham farm starting from November 24th 2005, seems like a place to ‘farm’ bodies and not vegetation)

Para 6.1 Oral evidences disclose that one young male and one young female were intercepted while travelling in a blue coloured Indica car at Vasad Toll Booth by some Crime Branch personnel including Shri NK Amin and Shri Tarun Barot, and that they were taken away towards Ahmedabad, two days before the purported encounter. Apparently, the occupants of the car could be Javed and Ishrat.

So it looks like Mr. PP Pandey was the one circulating the original ‘fake’ input that dreaded terrorists are enroute to terminate Mr Modi, while they already had all these alleged terrorists in their custody lock, stock and barrel.

PP Pandey Ji kyon nahin bhaagenge.

Fake Guns and Cartridges in fake encounters! 

29th July: According to the FIR filed by the Gujarat Police in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case, it is alleged that the ‘terrorists’ who were sitting inside the Indica car fired at the Police using the pistols they had.

Here’s a quick refresher on Bullets and Cartridges:

The bullet is the lead, or copper coated lead, slug that leaves the barrel and (sometimes) hits the target. The cartridge is the casing (usually brass) which holds the powder, and the bullet, assembled together into one complete round of ammunition.

Cartridge goes into chamber of firearm, is detonated by the firing pin, and the powder burns very fast, sending the bullet out of the barrel.

Hence, if the ‘terrorists’ had fired as alleged, empty cartridges matching the type of pistol being used should have been found in the car. Big question is were they?

Here's an extract from the FIR (bearing no. DCB PS I CR No. 8 of 2004) filed by the SIT team that was constituted by the High Court of Gujarat.

Para 8.4: Eight empty cartridge cases of 9 mm ammunition recovered from the Indica car do not match with the two pistols recovered from the Indica car. These empties of 9 mm do not also match with the two police weapons of 9 mm caliber used in the encounter. This shows the police version of hearing gunshots from inside the Indica car is untrue, and also there is some fabrication to justify the FIR theory.

We wonder what was planted - the pistols or the empty cartridges or both?



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